Petrophysical decision system

Big4Data builds applications for SMEs but also for large multinationals. For example, for Shell, Big4Data has developed a Decision Support System (DSS). This system assists petrophysicists in assessing and interpreting measurements made in oil and gas fields. The measurements performed by an external party, contain a large uncertainty factor and are very costly. These measurements are based on physical principles and indicative but not conclusive about the presence of oil or gas in the ground. SMART Research developed a model which allows petrophysicists to make statements about the presence of oil and gas with known uncertainty. The model combines the results of the different measurements. In addition to determining the uncertainty, the model also gives advice on the follow-up measurements: if measurement A evaluates to X, the model recommends carrying out measurement B or C to maximize the reduction in uncertainty. The model Big4Data built, provides petrophysicists with a tool to estimate the amounts of oil and gas with a known uncertainty and it decreases the number of required measurements. The result: cost savings for Shell.

In cooperation with Shell, we published a scientific article about the model.

Burgers W.G., Wiegerinck W.A.J.J., Kappen H.J., Spalburg M. A bayesian petrophysical decision support system for estimation of reservoir compositions. Expert Systems With Applications, vol. 37, no. 12, pp. 7526-7532, 2010

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